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AutoZone – Shop for Auto Parts & Accessories

The Autozone app is an application for people who would like to buy parts and accessories for their cars from Autozone. It’s a convenient app that allows them to do everything from the comfort of their smartphones. The Autozone app is a shopping application for automobile owners and enthusiasts. It’s mainly for people who do […]


CarMax – Cars for Sale: Search Used Car Inventory

Using CarMax, America’s number one used vehicle retailer is easy, fun, and affordable. There are so many things to browse on their app, and you can have a vehicle as soon as you purchase it. What are the features though, why is it right for you, and why should you get the app? There are […]

AAA Mobile

The invention of the car has certainly made transportation easier. It is quicker and easier to get places, and more people have at-the-ready access to a vehicle. Cars can take people on trips, errands and to work and play. But, what happens when things break down? Or trips end up costing a lot? Well, that […]


Autolist – Used Cars and Trucks for Sale

One of the top 10 car-buying apps on the app store and google play can now be on your phone. The app named “Autolist” sells used cars and trucks to people all over, and for great prices. They are even given praise by so many top brands in news and sales. There is so much […]

AARP Now App: News, Events & Membership Benefits

Are you over 50 and looking for a way to feel empowered as you age? Does the idea of getting discounts sound appealing? How about being connected to programs and services aimed at people around your age? If so, the AARP Now app may be for you. Read on for an overview of its functions […]


State Farm

The motto for State Farm has always been, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Thanks to its mobile app, this motto has never been truer. It gives you complete access to your State Farm accounts on your mobile device. All of your insurance and bank accounts are handy through the app. Manage Your […]


Uber is an American transportation company founded in August 2014 and based out of San Francisco, California. Internationally, the company is available within 785 metropolitan areas. Uber is also a technology platform. Ride Services App Uber Mobile app ride-sharing, Uber Eats for food delivery and also Uber bicycle rental system is all offered using the […]


Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile app from an Android device, which will make it easier to use apps while you’re on the road with its simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions. Once connecting your phone to the head unit in your car, the system mirrors will show the apps from the device to […]


Cabs are so old school these days. Despite the roadblocks that taxi companies and local governments have been putting in front of both Lyft and Uber for years, it is clear that internet-based ridesharing is here to stay. Downloading the Lyft mobile app and getting started is super easy. After setup, the app makes it […]


In the world of turn-by-turn road navigation apps, Waze and Google Maps are by far the dominant players. They used to be business competitors, until Google bought the former in 2013. The Waze app, like Google Maps, provides detailed, street-level maps and best-routing algorithms based on real-time traffic and road conditions. Unlike its rival, however, […]