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Phase 10: World Tour

Sometimes you are looking for something to challenge your brain, when you are waiting for an appointment, when you have a free moment or when you want to do something fun. Other times, you are stuck at home bored. Maybe you or your kids want to learn a new game, one that lets you play […]



UNO! is a classic game that people have loved for decades. It brings endless hours of fun for family and friends. Playing the game often fosters deeper relationships. A lot can be said for playing UNO! with your peers. This is why when you first log on you’ll be asked what age range you fall […]

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz: Discovering the World Through Daubing Bingo being played down the street from your house isn’t the trend anymore. Everyone at any age is now online and playing the Bingo Blitz – BINGO & SLOTS mobile app. This game is more than just daubing the numbers away. Earn rewards and see new lands with […]



Kudoku App: Taking Math to the Next Level Sudoku may be your game of choice, but branch out to another math game with Kudoku. As soon as you tap on the app’s icon, you reveal a familiar grid. It may look like your favorite game, but this app encourages you to use those dusty math […]

Gin Rummy Plus

The free Gin Rummy Plus app provides enthusiasts everything they need to scratch their itch for an entertaining game of gin rummy. Additionally, the app offers three other styles of Gin Rummy games beyond the mainstay Gin Rummy Classic. Even those who are new to gin rummy or have only dabbled with this game in […]


Spades Plus – Card Game

This popular and free card app from developer Zynga is currently in version 4.3.1 and earns very high overall ratings from thousands of users who have weighed in. It’s good for either Android or iOS devices and allows any user to play the famous card game against any number of worldwide opponents. The diversity factor […]


The Solitaire app is perfect for anyone age 8 or older and offers even the youngest players the ability to learn card-game playing skills in a fun, positive way. Compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, the free version is a no-cost app while the price of the other is just 99 cents and the […]