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Peacock TV

With Peacock TV, you can watch a variety of shows, movies, and more for free. There are some perks to paying into it, though, but for first-time users, try it out for free. We’ll go over what benefits and features that you get with the free version of Peacock TV, then what you get when […]


Philo: Live and On-Demand TV

If you are like many people who have cut the cord in recent years, you may be looking for a cheap TV streaming mobile app to replace your old cable box. Many alternative services allow you to watch live and on-demand TV programs right on your phone. Philo is the latest app that hopes to […]

Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner

There are thousands of police and emergency service radio services out there, and some people even have scanners. However, this app only requires location and the ability to save and store radio information for you. The Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner is an app for anyone to use, and it’s 100% free. So […]


Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows

Tubi tv is one of the best streaming apps on the market today. If you want television and movies with a library close to that of Netflix, you’ll want to watch tubi tv. With a plethora of options and genres to explore, you’ll never get bored with thousands of hours of entertainment. For this app, […]

MotorTrend: Stream Car Shows

With all access to all of the best races and race events on the planet, MotorTrend: Stream Roadkill, Top Gear, and more, gives you the best of motorsports. Whether it’s dirt, track, or street, you can find a race on this app. Not only that, but without cable, you can watch any race you want, […]


Yalla – Free Voice Chat Rooms

If there is one thing for certain about most teens and young adults, it is that they love to chat and stay connected. What was once saved for classroom conversations and the reason why landlines were busy late at night has evolved into Tick Tockers going viral overnight, YouTubers having more influence than mainstream celebrities […]

Showtime Anytime

Users that have an existing Showtime Subscription will be eligible to use Showtime Anytime for no additional costs or fees. Users can simply download and install Showtime Anytime from the App Store, and proceed to login with their existing account information that they have connected through their traditional Showtime Subscription. There are several reasons to […]


HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies

The HBO NOW mobile app could very easily be considered one of the most popular streaming services on desktop and mobile devices. We are specifically taking a look at the smartphone version of the platform, but it is nice to know that it can be accessed through a desktop as well. There are dozens of […]


Anyone who loves Anime will love this app. The Funimation app is the hottest anime app, stream, and site on the anime market today. What makes it so hot, what are the features that come along with it, and why should you get the app? The mobile app for Funimation has a vast amount of […]

Quibi: Watch New Episodes Daily

There is a new entertainment name taking over your cell phone, or in particular, your iPhone. There is an app called Quibi that has an extremely long free trial and has enough entertainment to keep you enthralled for hours. On top of that, the Quibi app has some new things it offers. So let’s dig […]