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Schwab Mobile

With many establishments still closed for now, people must make do with alternatives: ordering groceries for pickup, cutting their own hair, and getting prescriptions delivered are a few examples. While some tasks are easy to take care of at home, others are a bit harder, but everyone (and businesses themselves) is adjusting. One segment that […]


Stash: Banking & Investing App

Life comes with many essential and non-essential purchases, both big and small. From homes, groceries and cars to trips, new clothes and medical care, buying influences people daily. But, you may be wondering how to save for these purchases. One way to do so is through a saving and investing app. On example, Stash, offers […]

WorldRemit Money Transfer App: Send Money Abroad

Traveling long distances and international travel is off limits for now, and trips close to home just are not the same as the thrill of being on a plane or being someplace far away from home. But, even though that is the case, it does not stop people from planning or dreaming of their next […]


tZERO Crypto

Looking for a new way to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies? Well, look no further than the new tZERO Crypto mobile app. There is no place better on the market to find a cryptocurrency trading market. You have everything you need, all in one place. So what are the features, how does it work, and […]

E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save

E-Trade has been a popular investment platform for many years. Like many of their biggest competitors, E-Trade has created a mobile app that allows investors to buy and sell assets from anywhere in the world. When it comes to such an important topic as investing, you want to make sure the platform you use is […]


Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Now, more than ever, many people are looking to save, buying only essentials or things for which they have factored in the cost of use or wear. Retailers are trying to heavily discount to lure shoppers back. Restaurants are attempting to offer drinks to go and DIY meal kits to entice people to support them. […]

Rocket HQ – Free Credit Report

Rocket HQ is one of the best apps on the market for helping you plan your financial future. You have the ability to have total control of your finances, we don’t ask for any money, and you reap the rewards. Here’s how it works, you get the mobile app, you use the features, you can […]


LifeLock: Identity Theft Protection

You can have peace of mind when you install LifeLock on your phone. There is no one that can prevent crime 100% of the time, but our app aims just at identity theft. We ensure that no one steals your data, information, card numbers, or anything of the like. We know that you like your […]

Albert: Budget. Save. Invest.

Times are difficult and unpredictable for many right now. Funds may be tight, savings nonexistent and people are unsure if and for how long they will be employed. Retailers are heavily discounting items, restaurants are trying to encourage people to support them with meal kits, and some are still waiting for their stimulus checks and […]

My Synovus Mobile Banking

The new normal that the world is transitioning to includes one of daily, widespread social distancing and isolation, in efforts to curb the virus and stay safe and healthy. Chores and errands that were once commonplace, such as going to the dentist for a routine appointment, picking up a workday lunch from a nearby restaurant, […]