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Postmates – Fleet

Postmates is one of the hottest companies out there due to the convenient services they offer. Postmates has turned to newer and faster technologies to connect people with their food in a timely manner. Let’s take a look at their latest app, Fleet by Postmates. This app is designed for Postmates workers who will be […]


Google Maps

It was in October of 2004 that Google purchased the Google Map program from Where 2 Technologies. Included in the package was a traffic analyzer. The company was then launched in February of 2005. You can finally navigate the world around you and get information about all types of global geographical sites. Satellite and aerial […]

My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience App: Exploring a World of Fantasy Walt Disney World in Florida is an incredibly large property. Maneuvering your way around these multiple parks can get confusing. My Disney Experience app aims to keep you in control of your vacation. Know every detail surrounding your Disney visit with just a tap on the […]


Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile app from an Android device, which will make it easier to use apps while you’re on the road with its simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions. Once connecting your phone to the head unit in your car, the system mirrors will show the apps from the device to […]


Cabs are so old school these days. Despite the roadblocks that taxi companies and local governments have been putting in front of both Lyft and Uber for years, it is clear that internet-based ridesharing is here to stay. Downloading the Lyft mobile app and getting started is super easy. After setup, the app makes it […]



In the world of turn-by-turn road navigation apps, Waze and Google Maps are by far the dominant players. They used to be business competitors, until Google bought the former in 2013. The Waze app, like Google Maps, provides detailed, street-level maps and best-routing algorithms based on real-time traffic and road conditions. Unlike its rival, however, […]