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Citizen: Connect on the Most Powerful Safety App

Community safety is always important, no matter where you live. At any moment, an individual with ill intent may strike upon an unsuspecting individual, and it could happen at either a private area or where many people are around. While not every person may have everything they need to be a cop, they can at […]


CBS News – Live Breaking News

CBS News is one of the premier apps where you can get all of your news. All of the latest information that you can imagine in the world today in one place. There is so much to cover on why you should get the app, including what the features are, and what you’ll get when […]

The New York Times

The desire and need for legit non-biased news is greater than ever. The past decade has expanded technology and started to phase out print, but with that has come an influx in fake news, conspiracy theorists and everyday people calling themselves journalists (who do not have any formal journalism training). It is tempting to tune […]


Podcast Addict

Every day comes with more to-dos: Drive to the grocery store early to shop while it is not too busy, vacuum the rugs, work out at home, take a socially distant road trip to visit a family member and drop off supplies, do dishes and cook meals. Those are just some general ones, not counting […]

Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner

There are thousands of police and emergency service radio services out there, and some people even have scanners. However, this app only requires location and the ability to save and store radio information for you. The Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner is an app for anyone to use, and it’s 100% free. So […]


Police Scanner

In the age of Coronavirus, people are stuck at home, only going out to run essential errands, exercise while social distancing and go to appointments. When wanting to get glimpses into the outside world, people may call or video chat with loved ones and friends, scroll through social media or turn on the news. But, […]

NBC News: Breaking & US News

It’s never a bad time to catch up on the news stories that you care about. With your busy schedule, it might be hard to watch your local or world news programs as they air. Thanks to the NBC News app, you can get caught up from your phone. Is this mobile app worth being […]


CNN Breaking US & World News

What do you do when you want to get the latest news or find out what’s happening around the world? In most cases, people catch news programs as they air. However, what do they do if they don’t have time to watch during the live broadcast? How can they easily get all of their news […]


TMZ continues to be the main source of Hollywood’s breaking stories, but you aren’t limited to just the TV show. Branch out with the TMZ app on your smartphone today. There are countless numbers of stories, images and videos to brighten up your week. Breaking News at Your Fingertips The main reason to install the […]

Fox News: Breaking News

Staying current on the news in today’s world requires having an app with breaking news features. The Fox News app offers news, opinions, sports, and more all in one convenient app for download. The app offers a conservative take on the news and access to all Fox content. The app rolls its business videos into […]