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Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations

Everything that Powerpoint on the computer has, Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations does better. There is so much in this app that it’s easy to understand why many novices use it along with professionals. There is a sense of ease to presentations when using the mobile app version of PowerPoint, and everyone loves to use […]


LastPass Password Manager

Technology is helpful and ever-changing, but it can also be complicated. Sure, the idea of a video meeting sounds good, in theory, but what happens when your phone or computer audio has an issue? Smartphones hold lots of things in the palm of your hand, but how do you teach your less tech-savvy family members […]

QR & Barcode Reader

Technological inventions come in droves. First, it was things like electricity, cars and light bulbs. Then the printing press, the refrigerator and everything in between came to be. But, one thing that has really taken off is the telephone. Phones with cords are decidedly vintage feeling, as are landline cordless phones, flip phones and basic […]


Grammarly Keyboard

The web support helper Grammarly made for your phone. This is one of the better inventions by them in a long time because you can enjoy the simplistic convenience of Grammarly everywhere you go, and on anything you type. Do it with Grammarly confidence, and feel assured that your writing is grammatical. So what are […]

Google Translate

Walking around with a thick book to translate words from other languages was the tool of the trade many years ago. All you need now is your smart device and Google Translate. This app is designed to make translation as easy as possible. Flipping through a book is archaic; translate with this mobile app in […]


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has been for decades the essential word processing tool to enhance any set of productivity software on PCs. Fortunately, for those of you on the go with your mobile devices, the free Microsoft Word app provides the power to create, edit, share and otherwise access Word and PDF documents wherever you go. Download […]


Dropbox was one of the earliest cloud storage and synchronization providers and thus have one of the most full-featured and stable services in this area. The free Dropbox mobile app lets Android and iOS users take advantage of this crucial functionality on any phone or tablet for up to 30 days. File sync apps are […]


Firefox Browser

When we talk about great and efficient browsers then Firefox browser lists in the top three.   It is one of the most efficient browsers to ever grace our computers. With the increase in usage of mobile phones it was necessary for companies to bring their browsers on mobile platform and that is what Firefox did. […]


Gmail is a safe and easy to use email app. You can send and receive emails instantly with Gmail. Get instant access to your emails via notifications. It is easy to view and respond to messages online and offline with Gmail. It also supports rich text features, which allows you to use fashionable fonts, different […]