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Craigslist has created a digital app for their market platform that allows users to buy and sell products on the internet. There are also other categories that can be selected, including finding workers, vehicles, and more. We are going to spend some time looking at the most popular features that are available within the Craigslist […]


Flipkart Online Shopping App

Flipkart provides an innovative experience for its mobile users. The mobile app offers a wide variety of products ranging from fashion items, electronics, cookware, furniture and much more. What makes this application unique is that it is designed to facilitate a well-informed shopping experience. The user begins by simply clicking through the Flipkart catalog or […]

Mercari: The Selling App

Mercari is an online marketplace that hosts thousands of different items across multiple categories. Much like eBay, buyers and sellers transact directly with one another. Since Mercari has the same basic premise as the current King of peer-to-peer transactions, you are probably wondering if it’s worth making the jump if you already have an active […]


5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally

There are a plethora of things that you can do on the new 5 miles mobile app. You can buy, sell, and so much more with this new app. The best thing is that the app is free to install, and you don’t have to pay until you win a bid. So what do you […]

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now’s mobile platform is a convenient and inexpensive way to setup deliveries from your favorite local grocery stores and restaurants. Instead of spending time at the store, you can utilize the Amazon Prime Now digital app platform to schedule a delivery instead. This is an extremely popular platform that is expanding into more […]


Box Tops for Education™

Box Top for Education is the best way for you to help earn your school some money so that they have all they need for the children they teach. This app gives the power of profit to the teachers for so many things to help further your child’s education. So what do you need to […]

Zappos: Shoes, clothes, boots, coats, & more!

Zappos is a mobile app where you can shop for various articles of clothing such as shoes, boots, coats, and more. While there may be many apps made for this purpose, Zappos is unique in its approach. The app offers features you do not see in other apps of its kind, and they make for […]


Geek – Smarter Shopping

If you are an online shopper, the Geek-Smarter shopping app will serve you perfectly to make your shopping experience better and affordable. With features such as 50 to 80 percent discounts, we will forgive you for thinking that’s too good to be true. Geek-Smarter shopping allows geeks to acquire multiple items on a discount. These […]

SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online

Online shopping has a fresh feel to it with SHEIN, a mobile app that allows you to browse through the latest fashion right from your smart phone. Staying true to the day’s trends and always in touch with the season, SHEIN will surprise you when you see merchandise that looks tailored to your personal style. […]


These days, plenty of purchases are considered non-essential. As in, how often do you really need coffee from your go-to store? Or the new handbag launch? Or the latest gadgets that everyone seems to be getting to survive social isolation? One thing that is always essential, however, is food, but even the grocery store has […]