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Free Stuff Alerts for Craigslist, Letgo & offer up

Free Stuff Alerts for Craigslist, Letgo, & offer up, also known as Freebie Alerts, is a social app that alerts users about free items offered in their area. Just as the name implies, the app notifies you when people in your zip code offer things on Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, and other websites. When you first […]


Squad: video chat + screen sharing (Early Access)

The title New App we love belongs to the new and rising mobile app Squad. Even though it’s early access, there is so much to love already. There are some cool new features to the app, and there is even a ton of sharing to be had. So what are the features, and why should […]


Facebook stands out since it’s a social media platform with one of the biggest followings. With countless users on the site, it comes as no surprise that you can install the Facebook app on your phone and check your feed whenever you want. However, is the Facebook app worth your time or should you stick […]


Cameo – Personal celebrity videos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your favorite celebrity or personality send you a message? Well, they can do much more on the Cameo mobile app. There’s so much to discuss below, but the Cameo app is fantastic for anyone who wants to use its features. What are the best […]

Official Trump 2020 App

Want to vote President Trump for the upcoming 2020 election? Want to support the man who made America Great? Well, now is your chance with the official 2020 app for President Donald Trump. The mobile app is called the Official Trump 2020 App, and you can download it today from the app store or google […]


Playsee: Social Video Map to Find Fun Places

We are always excited to explore new additions to the Google Play store like the Playsee Social Video Map digital app. This remarkable digital app has a large collection of popular locations integrated into its database. We are going to cover several of the popular features available within this app, but it is probably important […]

Etsy: Handmade & Vintage Goods

Etsy Shopping: Discovering a World of Creativity Etsy is a unique marketplace where you can find items created by artists around the world. The mobile app gives you a chance to shop wherever and whenever you have the time. Explore the features that make Etsy just as distinct as its creative community. Browse Among Categories […]


Top Nine for Instagram 2019

The Top Nine for Instagram – Best of 2019 has rave reviews. They are piggybacking on the success of the earlier 2018 version of the application. This app has tons of fun stuff to do, and is directly linked to your Instagram. They have new features that are available that help to further push the […]


The Facebook Messenger App is a platform and also a messaging system that was originally developed in 2008. Since then Facebook, the social networking website, has released its Facebook apps to a variety of operating systems. The social media company released iOS and Android versions that were standalone in 2011. This separated the messaging portion […]


The Twitter App: Creating a Positive First Impression The Twitter App, what is it all about? By the time you find yourself reading this, you may already have a general grasp on what the social media and micro-blogging giant that is Twitter has to offer. Twitter is a regular topic among many of today’s most […]