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My Talking Tom Friends

For kids, they always want pets. However, as adults and parents, we know that they don’t always take after them. Not only that, but pets become extremely hard to afford with kids and other expenses. So what did the creators at Outfit7 Limited do? The created a game where pets talk to the kids. The […]


Get the Girl

If you are looking for a simple and entertaining game to cure your boredom, Get the Girl might be it. Advertisements for free to play games are plastered everywhere on social media. You may have seen at least one game ad that tricks you into playing a game that has nothing to do with the […]

Bake it

Prepare to live out your fanciest baking dreams with this adorably addictive mobile app, Bake It! Players enter their own personal bakery, where they create and decorate beautiful cakes and cookies for incoming customers and the store’s display cases. As more bakes are completed to the customer’s satisfaction, further tools, decorations, and recipes are unlocked. […]


Pot Shot-Crush Box

Millions of people have downloaded the mobile app Pot Shot-Crush Box, a game where you shoot cannon balls at different boxes. The game looks interesting and has simple yet effective 3D graphics, so many people try it out. But is this cannon ball shooting game a blast of a time and worth your download? Pot […]