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Tie Dye

Tye Dye is such a fun app. It allows for originality and creativity all on your own smartphone. This app is entertaining and is something that can easily occupy a lot of your time. You can play this app on many devices. All you have to do is install it from your App/Play Store. After […]


WGT Golf

Golf is widely enjoyed as one of the most strategic yet relaxing sports on the globe, but busy schedules and inclement weather can keep you from enjoying the game in the fresh air. WGT Golf by WGT mobile app studios is one of the most realistic options in the Google Play Store, and you won’t […]

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free

Everyone wants to make a little extra cash. However, finding legitimate ways to make money using a mobile app isn’t always easy. To make matters worse, the apps that actually do pay typically make you complete boring or mundane tasks to earn pennies. Instead, you can earn money playing video games on your smartphone with […]


App Flame: Play Games & Get Rewards

This App literally has their customer’s best interests in mind is a mobile app called “App Flame.” It is an app in which you can play and collect money, by playing a game. They don’t have a lot of features for their app, but what they do have is unbelievable. The first feature we want […]

Cash Alarm: Gift cards & Rewards for Playing Games

If you want a game that gives back to its users, then try playing on Cash Alarm. This app allows you to use their services to find games that you love to play and get paid for them. So what can you expect from the Cash Alarm mobile app? What are the features that you […]


Stack Colors!

There is a new game that is taking family gaming to the next level. The game called, “Stack Colors,” is simply amazing, and is entertaining for anyone of any age. There are so many things to discuss about this game. The things we need to talk about are the amazing features that the game has, […]

Idle Arks: Build at Sea

There is a new RPG game that collects, builds, and all with the tap of the screen. Watch out Minecraft, here comes the future, welcome to Idle Arcs. This game has a determination to be the best, with limited graphics, but an awesome concept. There are many features to go over, other bonus things that […]


My Talking Tom Friends

For kids, they always want pets. However, as adults and parents, we know that they don’t always take after them. Not only that, but pets become extremely hard to afford with kids and other expenses. So what did the creators at Outfit7 Limited do? The created a game where pets talk to the kids. The […]

Ball Mayhem!

With the app Ball Mayhem! It’s football all the time. They offer various amounts of options to be able to play the game. There are so many people playing this fun-packed game that it’s amazing. There are a vast amount of features in this game that we’ll cover, as well as the subscription offers you […]

Draw Climber

Ever wonder what it would be like to draw a shape, and see how well it races? Well, if you did, then this is the app for you, the Draw Climber app is fun and addicting. There are a lot of things that you can do in this game, and it has features to play […]