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Scribd: Audiobooks & ebooks

Piling volumes of books into the back of a car isn’t part of modern life anymore. Accessing your reading material is now a simple act of tapping on a smart device’s screen. Scribd is the latest app that’s thrilling readers across the globe. Be part of a reading revolution with Scribd downloaded onto your device […]


Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

Chances are high that your daily routine (if you even have one nowadays) looks a bit different than it did before COVID-19 hit. Before, you were likely waking up early to deal with the work commute, bringing the kids to school or walking the dog, working or going to school almost all day, coming home, […]

Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder

Hone your English vocabulary with the mobile app, Word a Day. The app features a new word each day for the user to learn, though users may browse and study from their entire library of words. In addition to the definition, the app includes several useful tools with the words, such as example phrases and […]


Epic!: Kids’ Books, Audio Books, Videos & eBooks

Hey parents, want a fun way for your kids to learn? Well, look no further than Epic!: Kids’ Books, AudioBooks, Videos & eBooks, mobile app. There is so much for your child to explore in this cool library of titles, and they are used both at home and by the teachers in school. So, below, […]


We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the ReadingIQ Mobile App. This impressive app is designed to provide a digital learning experience for kids under the age of 12. This app promotes education for reading, and it could be a great child-themed digital app that can enhance the […]


Google Translate

Walking around with a thick book to translate words from other languages was the tool of the trade many years ago. All you need now is your smart device and Google Translate. This app is designed to make translation as easy as possible. Flipping through a book is archaic; translate with this mobile app in […]

JW Library

JW Library mobile app is an official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses that includes multiple translations of the Bible. Relevant scriptures are highlighted and presented in various formats for Witnesses to use. The app also allows users to compare all Bible verses by merely tapping the verse number. JW Library also features extensive footnotes for […]


Kobo Books – eBooks & Audiobooks

The Kobo Books app has over 5 million eBook titles to choose from on both iOS and Android. The Kobo Books app also features a unique selection of audiobooks, curated by expert readers. Kobo offers a rewards program called Kobo Super Points for every purchase you make using the app. The Kobo Books app offers […]

Audiobooks from Audible

Audiobooks from Audible is a mobile app from Amazon that allows you to access audiobooks and original Audible content. Original Audible content includes audio short stories produced by Audible for members. Audible members get access to two Audible Original shorts every month. In addition to two Audible Originals each month, Audible users get one audiobook […]


Duolingo was born in 2009 as an innovative method to support English learners. The free Duolingo app is an adaptation and enhancement of its popular web version used by millions around the globe. Today, the mobile app supports 24 languages and counting including Swahili and Thai. Download the free Duolingo App to your Android or […]