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Facebook Viewpoints

As you may or may not know, Facebook was one of the first major social networks to really take off. Not only does it give people around the world the chance to share updates and photos, but it also gives them a chance to stay in touch with one another. It also gives businesses a […]


Red Panic Button

Ever feel like you need a backup in case there’s an emergency? When 9-1-1 takes to long to pick up or dial? Well, now there’s the Red Panic Button app. What does it do, what are the features of the app, why pay for the app, and why should you get the Red Panic Button […]

Mobile Performance Meter

Have you ever wanted to get paid for using your phone? What about having access to an app that can read your network performance? Now you can get all of this in one app with Mobile Performance Meter. However, how does this app work, and does it really pay you for simply using your phone? […]


Google Earth

Google Earth is a free app that allows users to explore the entire world through satellite imagery. It also incorporates Google’s 360° perspective called Street View. The app also includes guided tours of several famous landmarks. Zooming in on specific cities in the Google Earth app will bring up YouTube videos filmed in that city. […]

Caller Name Announcer – Hands-free calling

How annoying is it whenever you are carrying your Android phone in your pocket and your hands are full or when you left it downstairs and it starts ringing? Is it really a call important enough that you should drop what you are doing and rush to answer it or not? With a quick download […]


dfndr security

Previously known as PSafe Total or PSafe Total Defender, the new free Dfndr security mobile app is a must-have app to protect your Android or iOS device against the growing threat of hackers who could destroy your smart phone’s operation or steal your personal data. Dfndr keeps your phone and data safe from viruses and […]

High-Powered Flashlight

If you’ve ever thought that your cellphone’s flashlight was missing something, you’re not alone. Adding a free Flashlight app to your device is the cleverest way to improve your visuals when ambient light is lacking. Explore the latest features that give the Flashlight app its boost above the others. Supplement Your Built-In Flashlight Struggling to […]


Google Photos

Google Photos App: Capturing the World Taking your film to a developer and waiting for the results is an archaic way of seeing your photos. Today’s digital media makes it easier than ever to snap a photo, save it and send it to loved ones. Using the Google Photos app is one of the cleverest […]

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has been for decades the essential word processing tool to enhance any set of productivity software on PCs. Fortunately, for those of you on the go with your mobile devices, the free Microsoft Word app provides the power to create, edit, share and otherwise access Word and PDF documents wherever you go. Download […]

Firefox Browser

When we talk about great and efficient browsers then Firefox browser lists in the top three.   It is one of the most efficient browsers to ever grace our computers. With the increase in usage of mobile phones it was necessary for companies to bring their browsers on mobile platform and that is what Firefox did. […]