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Gamehag App: A Witch Brew of Gaming Rewards The gaming world is a vast collection of quests, rewards and challenging tasks. It takes true skill to move between levels. Players who find themselves stuck on one task will often need extra points or codes to move forward. That’s when you can turn to the Gamehag […]


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run – Fun for the whole family! Download Super Mario Run App on any of your mobile devices and you are now ready to start playing the game of your life on the go. It’s a side-scrolling game developed by Nintendo and there’s also the auto-runner mobile game. This game was released in […]


ROBLOX App: Basics This free adventure game app from ROBLOX Corporation offers users thousands of games in-app. The app is appropriate for users from age 10 and up. It’s essentially a world where both adults and kids can socialize, compete against one another and build things. After you download ROBLOX app, it’s easy to start […]


CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2: Basics This exciting, free racing app developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd is packed with high-end visuals and is the second version of the developer’s drag-racing game which debuted more than 4 years ago. CSR Racing 2 has multiple enhancements compared to the original, the latest edition offers users the ability to create super-cool […]

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer sci-fi survival game, set in a world where dinosaurs, man, and technology coexist. The goal is to survive, and to do that, you’ll need to acquire and manage food, water, and shelter… and dinosaurs, too. Ark breaks the mold of the typical survival game by allowing you to ‘tame’ […]



Minecraft is ideal for users who enjoy randomly generated scenarios with zero structure and fuzzy long-term objectives and goals. The key activity is shelter-construction with any resources you can gather from the faux world within the Minecraft app. The amount of creativity users can employ is infinite. For those who prefer no monsters, there’s a […] was produced quickly and has gained extensive popularity. The game didn’t have a name when it was initially designed. It has been created for multiple participants. Participants aim to remain alive during the entire game. The initial development of this game was issued on April 28, 2015. It was basically written using C++ and […]


Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is an extension for iMessage users. There are several games to choose from. This application has been developed for Apple brand devices. The app is for devices that are iOS10 or greater. You can invite others to take part in a game by using iMessage. You can play with a full screen. Auxiliary […]

Pokemon Go

After accessing the Pokemon Go App and registering for an account, gamers become Pokemon trainers and are required to choose one of four teams. After choosing a team, you are given specific tasks to complete while searching different regions for Pokemon.  Understanding the Pokemon Go Trainer Profile Page  At the top of the profile page, […]

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is very similar to Scrabble except for the socialization angle. This multi-player word game has been the world’s most popular word puzzle game. The idea for the game was created by brothers Dave and Paul Bettner. Both brothers were in the software and video game business, which gave them the perfect background to […]