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Flow Free

A game download is diverting and can playfully kill time. But here’s a game that’s a bit different because it sort-of involves numbers. It’s a puzzle game anyone can install on an iOs and Android device. Flow Free was released in June 2012 by Big Duck Games and has now become quite popular. Make sure […]


Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game

Make sure to crunch the cookie before it crumbles! Cookie JAM is a match-3 game that’s at the same time challenging as it’s fun. Sprinkle into a new adventure and enjoy the patisseries from all over the world. There are at least 5015 levels to complete! The Oven MittWhen you tap on the oven mitt […]

Toon Blast

One of the best things about modern smartphones is the ability to play a game anywhere. Match-three games are some of the most fun you can have in a short period. If you’re looking for a new game to play, you should give Toon Blast a try. The game features an insane number of levels […]


Subway Surfers

What is Subway Surfers Mobile App about? With any type of mobile and handheld device, you can now download Subway Surfers which is one of the most downloaded games of all time! This is a mobile game app with an endless runner. So there is no real end to the game until the player is […]

Helix Jump

Helix Jump: Playing the Physics Game Ball games seem to bring out the child in every person. Whether you played basketball or enjoyed Pong as a kid, Helix Jump will remind you of those ball games of the past. The Helix Jump App has a unique, physics-based twist that will keep you addicted for many […]



Gamehag App: A Witch Brew of Gaming Rewards The gaming world is a vast collection of quests, rewards and challenging tasks. It takes true skill to move between levels. Players who find themselves stuck on one task will often need extra points or codes to move forward. That’s when you can turn to the Gamehag […]

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run – Fun for the whole family! Download Super Mario Run App on any of your mobile devices and you are now ready to start playing the game of your life on the go. It’s a side-scrolling game developed by Nintendo and there’s also the auto-runner mobile game. This game was released in […]


Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz: Discovering the World Through Daubing Bingo being played down the street from your house isn’t the trend anymore. Everyone at any age is now online and playing the Bingo Blitz – BINGO & SLOTS mobile app. This game is more than just daubing the numbers away. Earn rewards and see new lands with […] 2

Voodoo is known for making a lot of mobile games for both Android and iOS devices. Now, it has created a sequel to its popular terror-calming game with the release of 2. You can download 2 app for free, but is it worth your time? Find out in this review. 2 […]


Kudoku App: Taking Math to the Next Level Sudoku may be your game of choice, but branch out to another math game with Kudoku. As soon as you tap on the app’s icon, you reveal a familiar grid. It may look like your favorite game, but this app encourages you to use those dusty math […]