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Glow Hockey

People enjoy air hockey and will play it all the time in arcades. Even though you can’t always visit an arcade, and since air hockey tables cost a lot of money, you could try out the Glow Hockey app. So is this phone game worth the download and a blast to play or should you […]



The best apps on the mobile market are typically those that help us complete daily activities, even when those tasks are simply grabbing a cup of coffee and a sweet or savory breakfast to start the day off right. The Dunkin’ app makes it easier to get breakfast or coffee on the go, but you […]

Scribd: Audiobooks & ebooks

Piling volumes of books into the back of a car isn’t part of modern life anymore. Accessing your reading material is now a simple act of tapping on a smart device’s screen. Scribd is the latest app that’s thrilling readers across the globe. Be part of a reading revolution with Scribd downloaded onto your device […]


AutoZone – Shop for Auto Parts & Accessories

The Autozone app is an application for people who would like to buy parts and accessories for their cars from Autozone. It’s a convenient app that allows them to do everything from the comfort of their smartphones. The Autozone app is a shopping application for automobile owners and enthusiasts. It’s mainly for people who do […]

UPS Mobile

You made the big purchase, you entered the promo code, you got the confirmation email, but what now? As you check the site for any updates, you are probably anxious to open the box with that new outfit, book, air conditioner, new snack or other thing you have been waiting to get your hands on. […]


Free Stuff Alerts for Craigslist, Letgo & offer up

Free Stuff Alerts for Craigslist, Letgo, & offer up, also known as Freebie Alerts, is a social app that alerts users about free items offered in their area. Just as the name implies, the app notifies you when people in your zip code offer things on Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, and other websites. When you first […]

Flo Period tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy tracker

Many of us who are trying to get pregnant need a little extra help tracking our cycle. What do you know? There is an app for that. Flo is a mobile app for Android users. The app allows women to keep track of their menstrual cycles and to know when they are ovulating. It is […]


Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate is a health and fitness app dedicated to increasing your mindfulness. The mobile app features breathing exercises and meditation techniques to help you focus on, well, you. With Prana Breath, users learn skills backed by modern science and ancient traditions. You don’t need any experience to get started with this […]


It is official—most of the country has been isolating and social distancing for about four months now, and that shows no sign of stopping. Yes, some states have started to reopen but a handful of them have already decided to go back into lockdown. The economy may rebound, but there is the looming possibility of […]

Doctor On Demand

Technology has always innovated the way we traditionally do things. If we need to send an urgent message to a family member who is living several states away, we can simply call or send a text message. During the current crisis, we need technology now more than ever. Being compliant with social distancing guidelines makes […]