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Tophatter: Fun Deals, Shopping Offers & Savings

Shopping apps are changing the way we buy things to be more entertaining. Top Hatter takes that to the next level by incorporating the high-stakes atmosphere of auctions with getting great deals. The app is not a penny auction site because it is free to bid on items. Bids are always free on the app, […]



We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the ReadingIQ Mobile App. This impressive app is designed to provide a digital learning experience for kids under the age of 12. This app promotes education for reading, and it could be a great child-themed digital app that can enhance the […]

Messenger Kids – The Messaging App for Kids

Let’s talk about an app that’s making parents all over the country happy. It’s Messenger Kids! This app is a great way for kids to talk to their friends safely, and for the parents to know what is going on with their kids. This is a great mobile app for children everywhere. What is the […]


CDC – Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

With so many illnesses and diseases that get passed around every day, it’s nice to find ways to receive health news. You can do so if you download the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mobile app. Will the CDC app keep you informed about important disease updates or are you better off just […]

Google Classroom

When you go through college, you may find your teachers using different programs or you might need to find something that will help you to stay organized. Google created a mobile app called Google Classroom that seeks to help teachers and students stay organized. It this app helpful for organizing schoolwork or should you just […]


Quizlet – Flashcards & Study Tools

Why are millions of students, young and old, flocking to this new mobile app called Quizlet? Well, let’s find out. The app is well versed with many different flashcards and can help in a multitude of study courses. It is also a great app that works at no cost, so let’s get into all of […]

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a mobile app designed to improve working environments. As with most Microsoft products, you can sign in with your existing Microsoft account information. You may also choose to create a new account with an unassociated email. After initially signing up, you’re taken to a screen to enter your name, company and country […]


Sydney Care

Everybody takes their own personal health very seriously, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what might be wrong with your body when experiencing odd symptoms. Calling the doctor for something minor will usually not be ultra-helpful, and you might even have to wait on hold for a long time. The Sydney Care […]

Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Wallet

Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Wallet Coinbase is your one-stop for all your crypto needs. It’s both an exchange and onboarding platform for major cryptocurrencies. Coinbase only includes those coins which have proven themselves to be respectable, liquid, and have a promising future. It is this approach that enables Coinbase to work with […]

Watch TV On Demand. Stream Top Episodes: TLC GO

Ever wonder what generation we’re in today? Well, don’t worry too much about it. We’re in the digital age, and on top of having television, DVR, Live television, laptop movie streaming, game console movie streaming, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more, the landscape changed even more. Now, you’re able to watch television and movies on […]